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29 May 2013 @ 02:17 pm
Well...it's been quite some time huh!  But I'm pleased to finally announce the reopening of My awesome new website.  Go take a look www.goddesspandora.co.uk

16 August 2010 @ 03:04 pm

So I am back!! Not that I really went anywhere, I am always around somewhere on yahoo usually but I have been busy on the modelling front lately and not bothered much with My blog.  More so probably because after My last update I realised that I want a total redesign of My site and I've been kinda put off updating lately until it's done.  Yea...I'm like that!
But I know how important it is for you little bitches to have something to follow so here it is.  And just a little taster of what I've been upto lately...

This was the first time I had shot with My camera outside and getting exposure was a little tricky, thankfully I look amazing regardless!

So as I have previously mentioned, I recently bought a house which I'll be moving into around December, I'm redecorating the whole place before moving in so I really should pay more attention to my wishlist but unless a sub specifically asks then it gets mostly ignored.  Cash just wins every time with Me!  But there's lots I'll be wanting pretty soon so I'll update it soon.

I'm finding more and more subs (fans of My modelling) lately contacting Me without even knowing about what I do here!  I can spot them a mile off...

Sub (10/08/2010 23:40:23): You're really into that now?
Pandora (10/08/2010 23:40:34): I have been for a while
Sub (10/08/2010 23:40:50): Dabbling or proper into it?
Sub (10/08/2010 23:42:27): What about humiliation, blackmail, chastity, cuckolding?

Pandora (10/08/2010 23:45:46): Why do you want to know so much
Sub (10/08/2010 23:46:56): Because i found Your modelling site, years and years ago, and have always been a fan. And over that time i've developed a submissive side, and a few things kind of linked to that, and it's really exciting and intimidating to think that You are maybe into some of those things!
Sub (10/08/2010 23:50:06): That's it.
Pandora (10/08/2010 23:50:38): I am keeping the 2 sides separate at the moment although I’m sure they will link over
Sub (10/08/2010 23:51:04): Do You have a site set up already?
Pandora (10/08/2010 23:53:35): I already answered that
Sub (10/08/2010 23:53:48): Please, please may i see it?
Sub (10/08/2010 23:56:23): Btw, the other reason i ask a lot is because i think You must be incredible at this!!

Pandora (10/08/2010 23:56:42): Oh yea?
Sub (10/08/2010 23:58:36): Yes! For a few reasons - the obvious one being You have an innocent look which will make every guy just melt. But also because You're sharp, clever, creative enough to know how to REALLY wrap a guy around Your little finger, not just a bit of chat, teasing, humiliation - i mean You can get a guy thinking of nothing else but what You tell him. You must be phenomenal at this.

...Hmm that's right, totally love using that to My advantage!

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22 May 2010 @ 06:41 pm
Computer problems are still persisting!  I am around but probably unable to update my site with a video until I get my other laptop back - that’s why all is quiet.  Although punishing you losers is fun, and especially after I have built up the fact that I’m back into My site fully again, this is actually out of My hands.  Great timing though as the weather is beautiful!

Once its back I’ll be updating more frequently than before - that was the plan before technology stood in My way!  There may be a way to work around it which I’m looking into now.  Well, I have someone looking into it for Me of course ;)  haha…until then…
13 May 2010 @ 10:50 pm
It’s not as far along as I’d like yet but I’ve finally managed to get together (a so far small) wish list.  Yep, most of the stuff is high range - only the best for Me!  And after all…it’s not Me forking out for it so I don’t care!  I'll be adding more and and when I get time to.

I’ll put the link up and about in more permanent places later, for now, here it is. 


I’m really not in the mood to be talking to you losers tonight, I’m having a totally chilled out lazy evening away from yahoo!  And whilst I’m on the subject…I really couldn’t be less interested in idol chit chat with every idiot that messages Me.  I realise the courage it must take for someone of such insignificance to message Me, but I have neither the time nor the slightest inclination to be your babysitter.  If you are ignored from the off, be aware that there is certainly a reason for that…utter stupidity is usually the leading factor. 

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12 May 2010 @ 04:17 pm
As irony would have it computer problems prevented Me from putting My spy cam on for the first time in ages yesterday!  Part of My laptop where it plugs in has…come loose, I’m not even able to charge it and it’s been sent off today for repair.  Gotta love product protection…especially when it’s not Me paying the monthly cost!    Until then I’m on the spare laptop, once I’ve spoken to My designer I’ll have the spycam up and running again. 

I’ve been having fun this afternoon adding things to My wish list, lots of new things for the new house I want!  I’ve never bothered with a wish list before because it takes sooo long to trawl through everything on there - especially clothes.  The .com is much better than the UK site.  Still, homeware is easy so I had no trouble with that haha!  Still lots of bits and pieces to add before I make it public so I expect to have it up over the next couple of days.

Just working on today’s site update, if you haven’t already JOIN HERE

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10 May 2010 @ 07:08 pm

Finally things have settled enough for Me to get back to a little fun with My site!  I made a ton of clips last year, only a few of which I got around to using and I have since abandoned the rest.  I wanted a fresh start on things and I’m so excited to be able to get back to it properly!  Although perfectionist that I am I now want a load of changes on the main area of the site.

New clip added to the members area...


Time to pull out that wallet and get splurging loser.  Goddess is Back!!

This clip turned out longer than I had intended, I got kinda carried away!

My spy cam will be active tomorrow during the day, but you’ll have to be hot on the refresh button to find out when.  Unless of course you pay a generous amount extra...

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02 May 2010 @ 12:08 pm

I’ve been maning to update here for so long but I’ve got so much going on at the moment that My journal kinda sank to the bottom of the list.  As they say...absense makes the heart grow fonder – and boy does it! 

Updates have been slow in My members area but I’ve been working on new content over the past few weeks so you can stop obsessing and bothering Me with your pathetic emails and pleades.  A little taster of what’s to come...

Anyways!  As I was saying I’ve had a lot on.  I’m in the middle of buying a house at the moment.  It actually completes this Friday and I can’t wait!!  Having said that it needs a fair bit of work so it will be a while until I actually get in there but still SO excited!  Making a wishlist is definately on My to do list.  Naturally it wont be me paying for all those home comforts :)  I’ll put the link up and around once I have managed to get it together – ugh such a chore lol.

Time to get things back to normal on My site again, watch this space.

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07 January 2010 @ 03:53 pm

Sooo it’s been a fair few months now since I did a journal update, reason being that I had much more important things going on in real life for a while there.  I have however still been around on yahoo and updating the members only area of My website.  Due to My personal issues it’s not been as much fun as I’d anticipated, but now that real life issues are all done and dealt with I can get back to My favourite little hobby!

In truth I’ve been updating with videos that I filmed way back in July!  I did a big batch of them ready for both My members area and My clips4sale store (which is yet to be opened, I’ll be working on that next week).  So rest assured that now I am able to get working on things at a good pace, I’ll be knockin’ out plenty of content for you eager boys to go scoop up.  I’ll post details and progress here on My journal, so check back here for video previews and the like…probably starting from around mid week next week.

Despite the journal drought My boys still did a good job of spoiling Me at Christmas.  I received a few AWESOME presents and lots of little bits and pieces besides from other fans and subs with still a few things to come.  I have a box held up in Heathrow sorting office which I’m dying to get My hands on but typical DHL have managed to temporarily lose it and are having trouble locating it!  They have reassured Me that its just a temporary glitch but I want it now now now!!  Ugh I really HATE waiting for things!

Anyways, I’m so glad to be back to normal now, I have a feeling that 2010 will be a rather lucrative one…

Did you miss Me??

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18 August 2009 @ 08:17 pm

Remember My little experiment from a few weeks back?  It's going rather nicely, almost too easily in fact.  To refresh your memory...this is a boy who has followed My modelling career, he doesn't know of My Dom lifestyle.  I wanted to see just how much control I could gain over his life, just for fun really...although obviously I am earning from it.

This is neither mine nor his real usernames on yahoo...but he is the proud owner of his own lil bitch name after the following conversation on yahoo some time ago where I informed him of just how insignificant he is.  A total nobody.

littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:21:11): sorry i annoyed u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:21:19): was my lack of personal skills

pandora (27/07/2009 22:22:20): you're always sorry...
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:23:06): do u wanna know the truth
pandora (27/07/2009 22:23:20): Ok
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:31:18): fuck
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:31:33): I apologise afterwards cos i'm either in love with u / obsessed with u. Sometimes I wind u up because uv got all the power and it makes me feel so helpless. And ur right. I am a nobody and will never measure up to the men uv been with (pun intended!), and that really hurts, so sometimes i push back in a nasty way. I've thought about u all last week and u drive me to distraction. I like u cos ur the most beautifull girl I know, ur the most clever girl i've met (met some smart ones, straight As all the way), and although ur a bit bitchy sometimes, and ur very powerful in some ways, theres also a sweetness about u. Oh and u make me want u without even trying

pandora (27/07/2009 22:32:50): I see
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:33:11): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:33:34): probably just made things worse with my lack of ppl skills
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:34:40): so can u just tell me to fuck off now plz

pandora (27/07/2009 22:35:38): I don't entirely believe you anyway, I think you are telling me what you think I want to hear
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:35:46): which part
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:37:14): lol im not trying to get into ur knickers, I know I never will

pandora (27/07/2009 22:37:22): I know!!
pandora (27/07/2009 22:37:31): A suck up

littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:38:52): lol it turns me on when u say I know even lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:42:05): im sat here gagging for u - that bit has to be true

pandora (27/07/2009 22:42:25): you didn't say it to wind me up, you said it because it's what you thought
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:42:51): yes this is true
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:42:57): thats how it starts
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:43:04): then I sense i hit a nerve
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:43:07): smell blood...
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:44:05): it just makes me angry that i want to have u more than anything in the world and u seem to delight in denying me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:44:57): but it even turns me on that ur making me squirm right now
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:46:37): can u please tell me to fuck off if thats what u want so i can move on
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:46:45): i feel so pussywipped

pandora (27/07/2009 22:47:14): No
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:47:18): no to what
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:47:21): what

pandora (27/07/2009 22:47:46): I'm not gonna give you what you want and tell you to fuck off
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:48:00): hows that giving me what i want?
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:48:07): so ur just gonna leave things like this

pandora (27/07/2009 22:48:08): you asked me to do it
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:50:02): cos i dnt know if ive pissed u off beyond repair. u even said i could sleep with ppl now
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:52:27): u have me by the balls
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:53:17): u dnt realise how bad u got me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:53:43): how many people do u think i let tell me im nobody then i beg them for forgiveness
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:53:52): im not a walkover in real life
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:53:55): jsut with u

pandora (27/07/2009 22:54:16): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 22:59:24): im talking to u and about u at the same time  in love
pandora (27/07/2009 22:59:36): That's not love
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:00:04): ok obession
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:00:16): obsession
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:01:00): i know and my cock is ridiculously small

pandora (27/07/2009 23:01:23): Well, I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction of agreeing with you on that
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:03:30): lol cool
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:03:43): i bet ud kick me in the balls now

pandora (27/07/2009 23:04:02): you wish
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:04:11): i do
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:05:05): im ur bitch
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:05:46): and ill do nething u tell me to
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:05:58): i actually yearn for u to make me do things
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:06:05): cos it will make me feel special

pandora (27/07/2009 23:07:04): How long have you been this into fetish?! I underestimated you
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:07:30): ur my closest brush with it
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:07:35): i like the idea
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:07:42): but has to be with the right girl
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:07:47): not just neone
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:03): ive been interested for a while
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:14): jsut havent found anyone i want to indulge in
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:24): i wouldnt lick anyones boots, except urs
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:29): and thats not bollocks
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:44): cos I cud have just paid for a mistress already
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:09:50): the amount i spend on sex
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:12:25): i do like the boot licking but
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:12:31): and this is gonna sound odd
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:12:36): it has to mean something

pandora (27/07/2009 23:12:48): Have you done it before?
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:12:49): and i wudnt wanna do it with a long term gf i think
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:12:55): no, never

pandora (27/07/2009 23:12:59): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:13:07): ur the only one ive met id do it for
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:13:27): and id do almost anything for u, not just fetish sex related stuff
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:13:35): id hurt people for u

pandora (27/07/2009 23:13:46): Even tho I think you're a nobody..lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:14:37): see u like that and it turns me on that u do
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:14:44): so maybe it isnt love then
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:14:45): hmmm

pandora (27/07/2009 23:14:52): Lust
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:15:00): no its more than that
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:15:07): have learnt to control that
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:15:17): around woman

littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:15:20): gets u nowhere
pandora (27/07/2009 23:15:38): Can be more intense with some people
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:16:52): like the main reason u wudnt go for me isnt my status in society
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:17:08): is cos i want u too bad and im like a bitch to u, not a man

pandora (27/07/2009 23:17:30): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:17:43): is true
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:18:33): and the small willy
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:19:13): i didnt realise till tonite that id actually lick ur boots
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:19:44): i wanna get rich just so i can convince u to let me take u shopping and rape my wallet
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:20:23): like i said i need to quit u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:21:30): im crazy cos u told me to fuck off and i didnt? or cos i just keep going on and on

pandora (27/07/2009 23:21:54): lol you're not crazy, this is perfectly natural behaviour.  I just think your into...everything
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:22:19): like what
pandora (27/07/2009 23:22:30): What aren't you into!?
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:22:44): most stuff
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:23:14): its domination and control by means of a woman using my sexual desire against me is all im into
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:24:26): i often wonder what i am to u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:24:29): then i remember
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:24:31): cash!
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:24:39): the reason im living on tinned food
pandora (27/07/2009 23:25:05): I'm really amused lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:25:13): by what
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:26:54): ur a fucking goddess
pandora (27/07/2009 23:27:13): Yeh
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:27:24): lol and ur also so not interested
pandora (27/07/2009 23:27:39): Not interested in what
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:27:49): me worshipping u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:27:55): or attempting to
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:28:02): offering to do nething for u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:33:44): i dnt fall out with ppl i dnt care about
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:33:50): cos they are meaningless to me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:33:57): ur good
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:34:03): got me wanting more now
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:34:15): u shud really have my cock in a cage
pandora (27/07/2009 23:34:33): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:34:40): seriously
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:34:50): ill do anything i can to prove myself to u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:35:04): to be more special to u
pandora (27/07/2009 23:35:14): Why do you want that
pandora (27/07/2009 23:35:23): you want to be one of the special ones...
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:35:33): well id like to be the special one
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:35:38): but that wont happen!
pandora (27/07/2009 23:35:50): lol why do you say that
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:35:58): which part
pandora (27/07/2009 23:36:04): It wont happen
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:36:16): UR A FUCKING GODDESS IM A NOBODY
pandora (27/07/2009 23:36:24): you like that
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:36:33): in a way
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:36:41): in a way it destroys me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:36:49): lol and i dotn like being a nobody
pandora (27/07/2009 23:37:44): well, i cant say i understand it but, its not an unusual thing to feel
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:38:22): what that im a nobody
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:38:51): i love it sexually
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:38:57): but not in a real world context
pandora (27/07/2009 23:39:00): No
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:39:28): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:39:36): id do anything to get closer to u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:39:47): when i think that i want to earn more money
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:39:55): its firstly to live in a nicer place
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:40:04): secondly to try and buy ur favour
pandora (27/07/2009 23:40:33): lol
pandora (27/07/2009 23:40:37): I'm expensive
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:41:03): i know
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:41:15): i want to buy u expensive handbags
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:41:17): and lingere
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:41:29): even tho its other men ull fuck in it
pandora (27/07/2009 23:41:34): Why all of a sudden you wanna buy me things?
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:42:03): i have done for a while
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:42:12): is only lack of cash stopping me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:44:11): ur loving this
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:44:37): ur liking my potential to serve i feel
pandora (27/07/2009 23:44:52): Is there somethin your not telling me??
pandora (27/07/2009 23:44:54): What is this tonight

littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:46:06): explain?
pandora (27/07/2009 23:46:29): Wanting to serve, buy me things, spend money...its coming full on tonight
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:46:53): cos u been away. and u drove me mad when we argued
pandora (27/07/2009 23:47:00): lmao
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:47:33): yes cos my cock will never be allowed inside u
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:47:45): i have to buy u something when i get paid
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:48:09): ive always wanted to be closer to u but know its not possible
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:52:03): squeeze those balls like u mean it
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:52:39): soz
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:52:42): goddess
pandora (27/07/2009 23:53:13): and you keep calling me goddess...
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:53:30): really?
pandora (27/07/2009 23:53:41): you know you do
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:54:06): i've been quite restrained tonite lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:55:03): lol trust me
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:55:11): the things im gagging to say
pandora (27/07/2009 23:55:17): ?????????
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:55:28): grrrrrr
pandora (27/07/2009 23:55:29): What are you gagging to say
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:55:37): im so fucking frustrated right now
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:56:08): grrrrr
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:56:20): and those pics u took the other day
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:56:28): they were as amazing as u thought
pandora (27/07/2009 23:56:58): lol
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:56:58): grrrrrrrrrrrr
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:57:06): u DRIVE ME FUCKING WILD
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:57:38): U MAKE ME INSANE
pandora (27/07/2009 23:58:18): Why didnt you tell me how good you thought the pics were?
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:58:29): cos ur a bitch
littlenobody (27/07/2009 23:58:39): and u have my cock in a fuckign vice

As you can see I actually said very little lol, however I have since come to the decision that My next move is to lock him in chastity.  I of course will not be paying for the device, so we have to wait until he gets paid next month until the fun starts!!  Just goes to show what happens even when I'm not really even trying!  It is only natural to want to worship Me.

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24 July 2009 @ 06:40 pm
A few further changes have been made to My site today although I'm sure some of you are way ahead of Me with this announcement!  The tour page has changed although isn't yet finished.  Just a few more things and then it is complete...until I change My mind again, I have a habit of doing that..

So, I did a little online shopping today.  Well quite a lot actually!  I have recently lost a little weight.  In fact the clothes that I previewed some pictures of a few weeks back no longer even fit and are falling off.  Not that it makes any difference to Me when I'm not footing the bill :) .I will not be previewing what I have bought, you'll be seeing it in My videos soon...of which I have a lot planned for over the next few coming days.  My spy cam will be on a lot for this so don't miss your chance.  I'll be shooting a lot from Monday to Friday...AND...I have a clips4sale in place ready and waiting.

I missed a call on My ignore line this morning, to the unlucky little hopeful...try again, I am never too busy to ignore you.

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