adore_pandora's Journal

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I am Goddess Pandora, a true British Financial Domina. I have recently taken the decision to expand My playground of pain on the internet.

Here, I will allow you the privilege of participating in the life of a true Domme. A lifestyle website for you boys to live your pitiful little lives through.

I get a complete kick out of playing little maggots. It makes Me feel so alive and the feeling of power is an incredible turn on.

Any boy wishing to join My harem of money slaves must be willing to cater to my every whim, eager to learn and be GRATEFUL to provide Me with anything and everything My heart desires. You must be obedient, submissive, devoted and VERY serious about servicing My lavish lifestyle.

I actually am a physical representation of perfection, and I ALWAYS get what I want.

Today is the luckiest day of your sorry little life. Welcome to My world pets…

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